12 Clever Ways To cheat At Slots
12 Clever Ways To cheat At Slots

12 Clever Ways To cheat At Slots | The Proven Method

Although there have been many changes to slots gaming over the past few decades, the most notable ones have occurred in the last ten years. The industry has grown and changed, from the advent of online casinos to the improvement of games. 

In terms of its significance, slots have come to represent casinos. Not only that, but you can now play slots on your computer or smartphone instead of having to visit a physical casino. This applies to all casino games, not only the ones that can be played online, such as slots.

For both players and the house, slot machines are among the most profitable games on the casino floor. and liars.

It makes sense that slot machines have always been a cat and mouse game between cheats and the house because of the enormous prizes that can be won.

Let’s examine a few of the dirty tactics that slot machine scammers have employed throughout the years. However, we advise against ever attempting them yourself!

1.Cheat Code 

Gaming authorities oversee the proper and equitable operation of the gaming sector.

Engineers create gaming machines with the dual purposes of being auditable and able to be watched over. What occurs, though, if an engineer chooses to manipulate the codes to their personal benefit?

That is precisely what was done by the notorious slots cheat Ronald Dale Harris, an engineer with the Nevada Gaming Commission. He was definitely skilled at operating a slot machine!

Because he knew the source codes, he fooled machines for years. The swindle wasn’t uncovered until his companion won a significant sum of money in a casino in 1995—$100,000 on a keno game.

2.Coins With Shaves

Even if this coin-shaving fraud isn’t very common anymore, it’s nevertheless fascinating to be aware of it.

With the advancement of technology, slot machines started registering payments using a light sensor. The physical comparator and optic sensor operated independently in a large number of machines.

In essence, this meant that if an object matching the size and shape of the requisite stake coin was sent down at the same time as a shaved coin, the shaved coin would be returned and play would begin with the other object.

A quarter would be regarded as a shaven coin, for instance, if one side was shaved off while the other three were still in their original shape (though not all shaved quarters will look this way).

There’s a potential that a casino or slot machine will recognize these shaven coins as fraudulent and refuse to accept payment.

3.Counterfeit Coins

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triangle-shaped counterfeit money

Using counterfeit coins has always been a common way to cheat at slots.

Con man Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio conned casinos for years until his arrest in 1998 using fictitious coins.

After being freed in 2006, he soon resumed his cheating. A few months passed before he was predictably sussed once more.


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We are frequently asked how to use a magnet to rig a slot machine.

To be clear, since modern slot machines aren’t magnetic and are instead designed by computer software, it isn’t possible to beat them using a magnet.

On the other hand, when the devices were built of metal in the past, users could cheat by using a magnet.

In order to cheat at slots, you could spin the reels and then stop them from spinning when you saw your winning combination by applying a powerful magnet to the exterior of the machine.

Then, dishonest people would take out the magnet and get paid.

Although it wasn’t the most covert cheat, anyone could earn a ton of money if they played it correctly!


The key to this slots hack was technique.

The player attaches a string to the coin, inserts it into the machine to initiate the game, and then retrieves the coin by pulling on the string.

The advancement of technology has rendered this practice nearly obsolete in the modern era.

It’s a true classic, though, and you could have seen a sizable win for nothing if it had succeeded.

6.Wand of Light

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Known as one of the most infamous slot machine cheaters in gaming history is Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It is his fault that the light wand exists.

While magicians like Dynamo, David Copperfield, and David Blaine might conjure up the appearance of things occurring, Carmichael would use his light wand to make jackpot winnings materialize out of thin air.

The laser wand would essentially blind the optical sensor on slot machines, preventing it from determining how many coins had been inserted. As a result, the machine would be unable to determine when or how much to pay out.

This implied that Carmichael could control a slot machine so that he could increase tiny wins into huge payments.

7.Piano Cable

When it comes to slot machine tricks, this is an oldie but a goody.

Back in 1982, a group of men shared a job at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino in Atlantic City. One man unlocked the targeted slot machine and plugged in 20-inch piano wires to the machine’s spinning internals.

The group could then control the spins by using the wires to jam the clock that recorded the wheel rotations.

They won the $50,000 jackpot, but sadly, the entire swindle was captured on camera, and the winning player was taken into custody before he could even leave the property.

Lastly, if you want your rigged lever to remain attached after several uses, you’ll need extra piano wire or strong adhesive (like superglue); otherwise, all bets are off!

Compared to other cheating techniques, piano-wire rigging has several advantages. To start, it doesn’t require any specific tools or equipment beyond what most people already have at home, such as pliers and scissors.

Furthermore, there aren’t really any drawbacks to employing this strategy, unless we’re talking about getting apprehended by security personnel while experimenting with your new device before engaging in combat with those bothersome machines.

8.Top-Bottom Connection

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Scammers used this, one of the most sophisticated ways to cheat at slots, a lot in the 1970s and 1980s.

They made use of a unique instrument that had two sections. A bottom (a long wire) and a top (a metal rod with one end bent into the shape of a “q”).

The cheaters were able to jam the machine and make the game release all of the coins it had stored by inserting the bottom through the coin chute and the top through the coin slot.

Huge winnings everywhere!

9.The Monkey Paw

That guy Carmichael is back. To put it mildly, he was a complete genius.

It was he who invented the “monkey paw.” He experimented with many techniques on a video poker machine before constructing the right device. It was very easy.

He took a guitar string and fastened it to a metal rod that was bent. He would insert it into the air vent of the machine and move it around until he activated the coin hopper trigger switch.

The rain of coins begins.

10.Device for Validating Bills

A basic yet incredibly powerful slot machine trick.

The slot machine is tricked into believing it is accepting a $100 bill when, in fact, it is just accepting a meager $1 bill by wrapping this small device around a bill.

When a user puts money into a machine and hits “spin,” signals are sent up through their fingertips, making it appear as though coins had just been pushed into the coin slot when the user releases their grip on their wad of bills—which they no longer require!

Then, as if there were coins being counted out by electronic sensors inside the machine, lights will begin to flash around your hand. This won’t hurt you in any way—until you try to take them out again!

11.Replacement of Computer Chips

With this concept, Dennis Nikrasch altered the slots cheating game.

He purchased a slot machine and experimented with it in his garage to identify its weaknesses.

He discovered that it was possible to reprogramme the computer chips within the machines such that jackpots might be won instantly.

After ordering a large quantity of these chips, Nikrasch assembled a group of con artists, obtained several slot machine keys, and began a years-long campaign of deception that would bankrupt casinos.

All he had to do was replace the autonomous chips with his altered ones to accomplish it.

12.Software Error

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For decades, cheaters have been manipulating software bugs.

Gamers may trick the machine and cause a bug that awards the jackpot by following a specific sequence of bets and games.

Over the years, this has helped a lot of slot machine cheaters, but it is also preventing a lot of jackpot winners from receiving their prizes.

The most well-known event occurred in 2015 when Pauline McKee, an Illinois grandmother who is 90 years old, won $41 million at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo on a Miss Kitty slot machine.

Three years after her original attempt to sue the casino in 2012, her last appeal was turned down. Sadly, the casino prevailed in this lawsuit because of past occurrences.

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slots are a relatively simple game. However, because slot gaming has improved and technology has advanced, cheats that have worked in the past shouldn’t function now.